Oh, baby it's late... Can we talk in the morning?

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I have been on this ancient rock for nineteen years now. I used to just be Nathan, but I have faded into something entirely different.

Things that excite me;
Joy Division. Music that sends shivers down my spine. Otis Redding. CANADA. Ralph Lauren. Vinyl. Clean Socks. Dreadlocks. JFK's look. Genuine smiles. Wu-Tang Clan. People who hug you like they mean it. Exceptional movies. Lower back dimples. Top Gear UK. The gorgeous Edie Sedgwick. When your cheeks hurt from laughing. Nudity. Irving Penn's Photographs. Open-minded people. Frank Ocean. Old cameras. Side boob. Passport Stamps. Awkward smiles. Culture. Thrift stores. The weird sensation you get in your eyes when you go outside for the first time each day. Traveling to far off lands. Beards. Film grain. Books; specifically the Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby and Hunter S. Thompson's warped tales of reality.

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